Friday, April 30, 2004

And I'm Back... Again! 

A couple of bits of comic book related rambling for y'all:

--Anyone interested in reading an ancient interview with comic book writer Grant Morrison that was conducted by then-aspiring writer Mark Millar should go right on over to this website and download away. There's nothing particularly illuminating in there; Morrison's Morrissey-aping archness is quite amusing, but while I was oddly excited to see Morrison list Flann O'Brien as an influence, I doubt this will be a feeling shared by many other readers out there. O'Brien's dead good though, and if you've never read his work before you could do far worse than to read The Third Policeman and At Swim-Two-Birds. They're both excellent post-Joycean novels that explore (among other things) what happens when language and imagination turn in on themselves and become cancerous. Rather importantly, they're also funny as all hell; seriously people, O'Brien is one of the funniest writers I've ever read and, erm... I think I've pimped him hard enough for now so I'm just going to stop!

--Being, as I am, a huge fan of both cartoonist David Muzzucchelli and of Paul Auster's New York Trilogy, I've always been curious as to how the comic book adaptation of the first part of the trilogy, City of Glass, came off. After reading the various bits and bobs about the comic on the Indy Magazine website I have to say that I'm even more eager to read this particular sequential adaptation. Lucky for me the damned thing's being reprinted this year, eh? Thanks to Flat Earth for the link.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Silence To Bring You The Following Enthusiastic Bulletin 

Hiya. We're still kinda gone in exam limbo just now. Should be done with that by the middle of May, so hopefully we'll pick up our efforts around here.

Me being me, I just had to mention the fact that as one of the people enjoying the story in Captain America & The Falcon, but not so sold on the art, I was pleased to her that Bart Sears will be moving on to be replaced with Joe Bennett, the artist Christopher Priest worked with on The Crew. Rich Johnston mentioned it on Lying in the Gutters on Monday, but the news was surfacing on the comments board of Priest's blog. Naturally, as someone who enjoyed what little there was of The Crew, this is seriously good news.

Priest has put up his thoughts on the art change and faults in what we've seen so far at his blog. He also answers some questions on upcoming plot points in his most recent post, mentioning that:

I daresay, with the giddiness of a kid at Christmas, that CAF will in large measure drive coming events in AVENGERS. and that was Brian Bendis' idea because he liked what we were doing. Stuff we had planned for Year Two got moved way up to like, NOW, because Brian and Tom thought it was cool and played well with what they have in mind for the AV's. Now, this seems like not so big a deal to many, but I'm a guy used to being thoroughly ignored. I'm incredibly flattered that not only will what we do here be reflected in the AV's, but it will in major turns be cause-and-effect. This book actually EXISTS and MATTERS in the MU, and I'm terribly excited to matter.

Interesting. Now, why couldn't Bendis have been writing Avengers when Priest was on Black Panther?

Anyway, enough frivolity - back to preparing for exams...


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